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New @ Lawtons : Summer 2010

The Lawton Doll Company’s 2010 Collection Debuts

Especially Elinor from the Lawton Dolls Merely Me Collection2010 marks Wendy Lawton’s 31st year as a dollmaker. Limited edition sizes and much-loved subjects mark her long-awaited new collection.

 “The theme for the collection this year,” says Wendy, “Is a very personal one—it’s inspired by the things I love.”

From a copy of her own treasured Sock Monkey to a tribute to beloved illustrator, Tasha Tudor, the collection is dear to Wendy’s heart.

The edition sizes will be very limited. “Since we are only a studio workshop now, and I am the primary dollmaker, we needed to be realistic about the number of dolls we can make.” Wendy says.

To learn more about the entire 2010 collection, click here.


 News Archives: 2008

Lawton’s Announces Updated Policy on Lawton Doll Repairs/ Replacement Parts:

As of May 1st, 2008, The Lawton Doll Company will no longer be able to offer repairs on Lawton Dolls. Because of the company’s move back to a studio operation, it is simply no longer possible. As we become aware of specific doll hospitals who can do the repairs, we will post the information here on the web site.

Many collectors have reported satisfaction with the work of:

Mary Ann Pizzolato
AAA Doll Hospital
419 Gentry, #102
Spring TX 77373
(281) 350-6722


2007 Dolls Making Their Way to the Stores

The Lawton Doll Company announces that the 2007 dolls are slowly making their way to the shelves of Lawton dealers. Wendy Lawton explains that they’ve been hindered this year by shortages in mohair wigs and changes within the workshops of the woodcarvers. “It’s given us a year of fits and starts.” Lawton said.

The following editions have been completed:

The following have been partially shipped:

  • Laura Ingalls—Exclusive Edition for Toy Village

The following are in process:

“The dolls may be coming slowly, but they are exquisite.” Wendy Lawton said. “Each time we tuck one of these into the box, we are so proud. It is so satisfying to be so involved in every step of the process again. We appreciate everyone’s patience.”


News Archives: 2007

January, 2007 - The Lawton Doll Company Unveils Their 2007 Collection

VisionsofSugarPlumsLawton’s 2007 Collection was revealed at 10 AM EST on January 19, 2007 at The International Doll and Teddy Bear Expo.

Lawton Dolls released a full line of dolls at IDEX in Orlando this year, including Visions of Sugar Plums from the Christmas Collection (shown at right), Sally and her Swaddling Baby from the Classic Playthings Collection, and three additional dolls representing two other collections. 




January, 2007- The Lawton Doll Company Relocates... and Returns to Its Roots


“We’re settling in,” Wendy said when asked about the company’s recent move. “One thing you don’t want to do over the holidays is move an entire warehouse of dolls and doll making materials!”

But Keith and Wendy decided it was time to make some changes, and a move was part of that strategy. “We needed to simplify our operation,” Keith said. “We are going back to our roots.”

The company is not going all the way back to the days when Wendy sculpted on the kitchen table, but with rising insurance costs, worker’s comp and medical insurance, the couple decided it made sense to scale back and become more hands-on.

Lawtons will issue fewer dolls each year, but Wendy will be involved in every step of the dollmaking. “I’m rediscovering the joy of hands-on dollmaking.” Wendy said. “There’s something so satisfying about getting out the paints and spending a day in my studio. I’m really looking forward to this new adventure.”

The Lawton Doll Company’s new address is:

The Lawton Doll Company
Post Office Box 1227
Hilmar, CA 95324
Phone 209 632-3655
Fax: 209 632-6788
info @


News Archives: 2006

September, 2006 - Lawton Doll Company and founder Wendy Lawton featured in DOLLS Magazine

Wendy Lawton as featured in DOLLS magazine

Wendy Lawton and the dolls of the Lawton Doll Company were featured in a six-page spread in the October edition of DOLLS magazine. 


With photos, quotes, and many accolades, the article highlights Wendy’s receipt of Jones Publishing’s Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as milestones in the history of Lawton’s designs over the years.


This is a must read article! To order a copy of this article online, click here.






July-August, 2006- Cover Article Leads to Order Extension for Florence and her French Bebé


The DOLLS magazine cover article (October 2006), featuring Florence and her French Bebé, caused Lawton’s to extend the ordering deadline for that doll was until August 29th.


The next doll in Lawton’s Year of Surprises Collection was then scheduled for debut on September 30th.


Additional changes to the release schedule will be announced on in the months ahead. 


May, 2006- Wendy Lawton to Receive Prestigious Award

Doll Magazine and Jones Publishing recently announced that Wendy Lawton has been chosen to receive the Dolls Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award at a banquet at the Doll & Teddy Bear Expo in Washington DC on August 19th. It is only the fifth time the award has been bestowed. Former recipients are Madame Alexander, The Steiff Company, Hildegard Gunzel and R. John Wright.

“I’m delighted to have been chosen for this award and humbled to be following in great footsteps,” Wendy said. “I hope to have friends and collectors join me for the event.”

For more information about the event, click here, or contact:


PO Box 5000, Iola, WI 54945

Tel: 800-331-0038 Ext. 126

Fax: 715-445-4053


January, 2006- The Lawton Doll Company announced a change to the dealer base at IDEX.

“It was time to allow our dealer base to reflect the size of our company,” Lawton said. “We are simply not a big enough company to effectively work with nearly a hundred dealers.”

Lawtons has had some of the finest retailers in the world, but the new method of selling dolls, one doll at a time, only requires a small number of extraordinarily dedicated Lawton specialists. “This new release schedule presents a unique challenge,” Lawton said. “Each dealer needs to be very hands-on in order to debut a new creation every other month.”

Instead of continuing with a wide range of dealers, the company decided to limit their retail team to seven handpicked Lawton specialists. “With the changes we made in our company over the last year, it has become more difficult to keep up with so many dealers,” Lawton said. Choices were based on several factors, including sales history and geography. “The hardest part for us.” she said, “Was saying goodbye to longtime dealers/friends.”

To find the Lawton dealers chosen for 2006 visit our Lawton Dealers page.



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