Class time by Carol Lawson

Class Time, by Carol Lawson (Above)

Emporium Clothier by Linda

Emporium Clothier by Linda Lesperance (Above)

Camping trip by the Holdredges

 Camping Trip by Carol and Harry Holdredge (Above)

The Magical Christmas Carousel Robin

The Magical Christmas Carousel by Robin Barrows (Above)

Olivia's room Leslie

Olivia's Room by Leslie Perkumas (Above)

Lilly's first dress by Louise wheeler

Lily's First Dress by Louise Wheeler (Above)

Harvest Moon twins susan in ohio

Harvest Moon Twins by Susan Breech (Above)

Dancing around the Maypole

Dancing Around the Maypole Carolyn and Lonnie Lindsay(Above)

Lawton Collectors- Tableau Gallery 1

So many Lawton displays created by our collectors over the years are of museum quality. They are invitations into a miniature world, a Lilliputian wonderland.

Tableau Gallery 2   Tableau Gallery 3



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