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SecretGardSecret Garden - 2000

Edition of 175

Retail Price $895.00

A secret awaits the collector who opens the cover of this leather book to find the story of The Secret Garden unfolding in a 9" doll of Mary Lennox. Mary's garden tool set, a warm coat, a robin's nest, a basket of flowers and the treasured key to the secret garden are all tucked inside.

LittlePrincess5Little Princess - 2001

Doll: 9" Porcelain and Wood

Book Trunk: 11x8x2 1/2"

Edition of 175

Retail Price $895.00





Crack open the cover on this leather bound book to find the beloved story of Sara Crewe- the Little Princess. 


Tucked in each cubby are pieces of the story: Sara's treasured doll, Emily; her ermine muff and tippet; birthday packages; and the rag dress of her forced servitude.

AliceLawLibAlice in Wonderland - 2002

Doll: 9" Porcelain and Wood

Edition Limited to 175

Wendy Lawton believes in telling stories with dolls, but with this edition of The Lawton Library Collection, you only need to crack the cover on the leather book box and Lewis Carroll's enchanting story of Alice unfolds. Our heroine wears the traditional Tenniel Alice dress with an organdy pinafore trimmed in black couching.

Alice_ in_WonderlandCU

Her exquisite silk white queen dress and crown from Through the Looking Glass are included. The Pink Flamingo stands at the ready for a game of croquet, but you'll have to look closely to see the tiny hedgehog hiding in a cubbyhole of the book.

anneofgreengables2003Anne of Green Gables™ - 2003

Doll: 9" Porcelain and Wood

Edition Limited to 175

Wendy Lawton often says there is no story she loves more than Anne of Green Gables. In fact, this is the third time she’s issued an edition based on the story. 


green gables bookThis nine-inch version of Anne-with-an-E, is a miniaturized sculpt of the 1986 Anne head. The snuffy brown dress is a copy of the dress designed for Anne at the Station—making this version the quintessential Lawton Anne. Her carrot braids are made of delicate mohair.

Wendy believes in telling stories with dolls, but with this edition of the Lawton Library Collection, you only need to crack the cover on the cloth and leather book box and the story of Anne unfolds. The slate she broke over Gilbert’s head is there, her stack of school books, Matthew’s silk dress with the puffiest sleeves and the pearls he gave her on another memorable night.

Anne of Green Gables is a trademark and a Canadian official mark of the Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority Inc., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, used under license by The Lawton Doll Company.

Rebecca of Sunnybrool FarmRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - 2004

Doll: 9” wood and porcelain in book

Edition limited to 175

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the beloved classic, The Lawton Doll Company issues this Lawton Library edition of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. She comes in an apple green leather book/presentation case. Packed inside find Rebecca’s treasured parasol, a box of Rose Red and Snow White soap, a sewing basket with pincushion and scissors, her pink gingham dress, shoes and stockings. Rebecca wears her hind-side-foremost dress and has dark brown mohair braids and sparkly brown eyes.

Josephine_2Josephine - 2005

Doll: 9” all-porcelain in cloth/leather book

 Edition limited to 175

Josephine, the beloved heroine of the Honor Appleton illustrations comes to life in a whole new size. Josephine was first recreated in a 12” size for a UFDC event in 1995. She’s become one of the hardest Lawton dolls to find on the secondary market. For the tenth anniversary of the first Lawton Josephine, we’re offering a more diminutive nine-inch Josephine tucked into a cloth and leather book. She still has the hand-knitted coat and felt cloche hat along with her plaid jumper and her ever-faithful Quacky Jack. We’ve added the two hand-carved Japanese dolls that Josephine called her Koreans. Each one is dressed in a tiny, authentic silk kimono.

Heidi2Heidi - 2007

9“ wooden body

Edition of 75


The beloved heroine of Johanna Spyri’s classic story, Heidi comes alive with her black curls, pale eyes.

She wears a traditional dirndl of woven cotton topped with a leather vest. In her book box are a basket of soft, white rolls for Peter’s grandmother and the warm red shawl she couldn’t bear to give away.

A beautiful sunset-colored silk dress made over for her from one of Clara’s is included. Also tucked in the box is the book that made her so homesick when it reminded her of Grandfather’s home high up in the Alps.



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