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Baa Baa Black Sheep- 1989

BaaBaaWendy Lawton chose the beloved nursery rhyme as the perfect theme to develop a very special set for charter members of the Lawton Collectors Guild.

Missy is a confection of vanilla cream voile, trimmed with delicate mauve ribbons. Her little companion is cast of black porcelain and then painstakingly covered with Persian lambskin. 

Edition of 1003. Retail Price $395

Lavender Blue- 1990

LavenderLavender's blue, dilly, dilly!

Lavender's green.

When I am king, dilly, dilly!

You shall be queen.

Call up your men, dilly, dilly!

Set them to work;

Some to the plough, dilly, dilly!

Some to the cart.

Some to make hay, dilly, dilly!

Some to cut corn;

While you and I, dilly, dilly!

Keep ourselves warm.

Lavender Blue is all-porcelain and approximately 13" tall. She wears an amethyst colored frock of moire tissue taffeta. Her picture hat clustered with lilacs and violets is the perfect frame for her soft gray eyes and shiny blonde ringlets. The faint fragrance of English lavender wafts from her delicately beribboned cornucopia filled with potpourri and topped with a velvety bunch of violets. Every doll is signed and dated.

Edition of 781. Retail Price $395

To Market, To Market- 1991

ToMarket To market, to market, / to buy a fat pig.

Home again, home again, / Dancing a jig.

To Market, To Market is an all-porcelain, jointed doll and is 14" tall. She is resplendent in a gown of a rich teal and mauve Liberty of London fabric. She wears a matching poke bonnet and delicate mauve lace gloves. Her dainty pink leather slippers tie around her ankles. She has honey blonde curls and blue-gray eyes. Her pig, fresh from market, is made of porcelain with inset brown eyes and a puff of rich rose gimp. Every doll in this edition is signed and dated by Wendy.

Edition of 683. Retail Price $495

Little Boy Blue- 1992

LittleBoyBThe charming nursery rhyme, Little Boy Blue, has been chosen as the last doll in this collection of nursery rhymes.

Little boy blue, come blow your horn.

The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn.

But, where is the boy who looks after the sheep?

He's under the haystack, fast asleep.

Little Boy Blue just awakened from his stolen nap and is so ashamed of the havoc his negligence has caused, the tears are welling up in his big blue eyes. Little Boy Blue wears a delicately embroidered blue-gray jumper styled after the Kate Greenaway illustrations. His brown bob is topped by a gray felt hat. His outfit is completed by gray leather shoes. He carries his horn over one shoulder. (And, of course, it is not a brass horn, but a horn made from a cow's horn. Our version has been sculpted out of porcelain and is carefully painted to look exactly like the real thing.)

If you already own one of the other Guild dolls, you'll find that Little Boy Blue is the perfect companion piece. Little Boy Blue stands 14" tall. Each doll in this edition is signed and dated by Wendy Lawton. The certificate is issued in the Guild member's name.

Edition of 510. Retail Price $395

The Lawton Logo Doll- 1993

LawtonLogoDollThe Guild doll for 1993 is a milestone doll--it is our one-hundredth edition. In the years since our first limited edition, Alice in Wonderland, the Lawton Doll Company has issued 100 different editions comprising 102 different head sculpts and three animal sculpts.

To celebrate, we are offering a very special doll--our own logo doll. Issued in a petite 11" size, she is the perfect standard bearer for your Lawtons collection.

Edition of 575.  Retail Price $350.

Wee Handful- 1994

WeeHandfulThis unique Guild-members-only doll is a celebration of intricate handwork. She wears a gown and matching bonnet of delicate hand-crochet, beribboned with pale pink silk. Wee Handful is 9" long with a porcelain head, arms, and legs and a cloth body.

Edition of 526. Retail Price $250. 

Uniquely Yours- 1995

SummerMiddy Guild Members have a unique opportunity for 1995--the chance to design a custom version of our Guild Doll. "Uniquely Yours" face will remain the same, but the collector will be able to choose from three different eye colors, four different hair colors and four different costume ensembles. If a Guild Member wishes, he or she may purchase the three additional costume ensembles. Throughout the year, new accessories, clothing and even a trunk for "Uniquely Yours" will be offered, so that the collector can build his or her own unique collection. Each Guild member will receive a special order coupon.

Edition of 507. Retail Price $395.

Teddy and Me- 1995

TeddyandMeFashionably attired in a bright red wool coat and cloche hat, Teddy and Me was inspired by the stylish children's clothing of the 1920's. Under he coat is a winter white drop-waist pleated cotton dress ornamented with an intricate hand embroidered design.

Her trim black leather, ankle-length boots and warm, black stockings complete her outfit. Proudly carried in her arms is her fully jointed little Teddy, her most treasured friend. Teddy and Me is 14" tall. 

Edition of 601. Retail Price $450.

The Lawton Travel Doll- 1996

TravelDollWearing a red coat and hat, trimmed with striking black silk ribbon embroidery, The Lawton Travel Doll is ready to join you on your journeys. Offered exclusively to members of the Lawton Collectors Guild, and available only until December 31, 1997. The Lawton Travel Doll comes with her own Travel Journal, published and hand-bound in the Lawton book bindery and a matching red and black leather valise. The travel Doll has a hand-tied, light brown human hair wig and sparking hazel eyes. She is a petite 9" tall on a fully articulated spring-jointed wooden body.

Travel Dolls have long been enjoyed by doll collectors. Having a doll that travels with you is a unique way to start conversations with fellow travelers, especially little people. By making or purchasing a travel outfit for each occasion, the Travel Doll Collection becomes a precious remembrance of our journeys. In years to come, as each ensemble is taken out of the trunk, we will remember the milestones of our travels. 

Edition of 488. Retail Price $695.

Somebunny Special- 1997 Gift Doll

SomebunnyBecause Guild Members are special, Wendy has designed an original doll especially for you. With a beautifully sculpted porcelain head and hands and a velveteen bunny suit body and matching bonnet with satin lined bunny ears, Somebunny Special will be the perfect little doll to fit into your collection. Somebunny Special is included with your 1997 membership. 

Baby Boutique- Pink/Blue- 1998

BabyPink Pink or Blue, it's up to you. For 1998, the Lawton Collectors Guild members-only doll is actually a whole collection. Choose from two different dolls - a baby boy or a baby girl. Each comes dressed in a delicate white bunny smocked ensemble with kid leather baby shoes. In the handwoven wicker basket is an exquisite outing ensemble. And if you can't choose between the Baby Pink collection and Baby Blue collection - take both. Pink embroidered, or blue embroidered Christening gowns are offered separately.

Edition of 276 (combined total). Retail Price $495.

Blankie Baby- 1998 Gift Doll



Clutching his soft satin-trimmed blanket, Blankie Baby is all-porcelain.

He is, 3" long and is included with your 1998 membership. 

Dreaming of Dolly- 1999

DreamingDollyHave you ever longed for a new doll and begun to prepare for her in advance? Our Guild Doll for 1999 celebrates that delicious sense of anticipation.

Dressed in a lacy dropwaist of pristine white, she holds the miniscule dress she created for Dolly, the 1999 Guild gift doll. Dreaming of Dolly has blue-gray eyes and light brown hair. Dolly's dress is an icy blue taffeta with a white, lace trimmed, tucked front and a French blue satin sash.

Retail Price $495. Limited to 1999 Guild members only.

Dolly- 1999 Gift Doll

Dolly1Porcelain and Wood 4". Free with Guild Membership.

The Lawton Collectors Guild annual gift is a 4" doll with an intricately sculpted porcelain head on a peg-jointed, hand-carved, wooden body. Dolly is the free gift sent to each 1999 Guild member.

September Sojourn- 2000

SeptSojournSmall enough to be tucked into a drawer or suitcase, yet exciting enough to be the centerpiece of a whole collection-September Sojourn is the doll created exclusively for Guild members.

The Sewing Circle- 2001

SEWINGCUJust the thing for the Lawton couturier- a beautiful hardwood, lincrusta paneled sewing box with a tray that perfectly fits this charming 9" wooden-bodied doll. The case comes with six original patterns, a doll stand and plenty of room to store completed costumes. The lid has the cross-stitched Lawton Sewing Circle logo.


9" Porcelain and Wood Sewing Box: 8" x 12" x 6"

Haute Couture- 2002


Ready to be dressed by the finest couturiers in the country, this uniquely poseable 14" spring-jointed, wooden-bodied doll comes with a dress form and three patterns. She's dressed in a delicate cotton shift and drawers trimmed with French sewn details including insert lace, gathered flounces and embroidery couching.To keep her trim figure, she wears an outside lace-up corset. Made exclusively for 2002 Lawton Collectors Guild Members.



14" Porcelain and Wood Faux Marble Dress Form. Guild Members-Only Doll

Bon Voyage- 2003

BonVoyage 9" Porcelain and Wood.

  This adventuresome 9” porcelain and wood travel doll stands ready to embark on her first sea voyage. Her delicate blonde ringlets are made of the finest mohair. 

She’s the perfect size for tucking into your own luggage, especially since this 2003 version of a travel doll comes with her own set of matching canvas and leather luggage. She’s been made exclusively for 2003 members of the Lawton Collectors Guild and is available only until December 31, 2003. 

Victorian in Porcelain- 2003 Gift Doll

The Victorians loved figural art and adorned many of their accessories with beautiful faces. As the special gift for 2003, the Lawton Doll Company follows suite with our version of a fur Victorian muff adorned with a sweet porcelain face.  It even has tiny inset glass eyes and mohair curls.  Your dolls will love adding this accessory to their trousseaux. Free with Guild Membership.

The Little Doll Collector - 2004

the little doll collectionWhat could be more fun than enjoying one doll, while waiting for the next? The Little Doll Collector is a 14” porcelain African-American doll carrying her exquisite parian-type doll in one arm while waiting to hold the guild gift-a black parian-type doll of a different sculpt.

The Little Doll Collector is dressed in a pink silk dropwaist with blue embroidered polka dots. Her doll is dressed in pink silk. Available only until December 31, 2004

Matilda Maud - 2005

Matilda MaudRainy days are never a problem for Matilda Maud. She loves to take out her favorite Raphael Tuck paper dolls and play for hours. How she wishes she could model all the pretty fashions her paper dolls wear. She needn’t worry. Her dress is a work of art in itself. It’s made of a sunset-colored silk and trimmed with century old lace. Matilda Maud has blue eyes and carrot colored curls. She’s reserved for Lawton Guild members only. Available only until December 31, 2005



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