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ChristmasJoyChristmas Joy - 1988

Edition of 500

Retail Price $325

Joy is aptly named. He face is alight with all the joy and wonder of Christmas. She is Lawtons' first annual porcelain Christmas doll. 

NoelNoel - 1989

Edition of 500

Retail Price $325

It's going to be a Currier and Ives Christmas for Noel. She is a blue eyed towhead, warmly dressed in a cranberry velveteen dress, cape and hat, trimmed in snow white fur. One can hear the sleigh bells ringing, for Noel's bright anticipation of a Christmas outing. Noel is actually sculpted after a bright, darling little girl named Laura Noel Brown. She is the granddaughter of Harley and Yvonne Thacker, who was a partner of Lawtons.

ChristmasAngelChristmas Angel - 1990

Edition of 500

 Retail Price $325

Christmas Angel is dressed in the traditional white robe with feathery wings and gilt trim. Christmas Angel comes with a handmade rococo harp. Her eyes are closed with delicate little lashes resting on her cheeks. Wendy says she chose to sculpt Christmas Angel with closed eyes because angels are so often portrayed in drawings with their eyes closed. Even little children draw angel eyes as little smiles with lashes.

YuletideCaroleYuletide Carole - 1991

Edition of 500

Retail Price $395

As joyful and festive as the season itself, Yuletide Carole comes ringing in the melodies of Christmas. Dressed in rich green paisley touched with gilt, Carole wears a green bonnet trimmed with golden ribbons and carries a golden scroll of music. She has strawberry blonde hair and soft brown eyes. Yuletide Carole is approximately 14" tall.

TheBirdsThe Birds' Christmas Carol - 1996

Edition of 500

Retail Price $450

The Birds' Christmas Carol, published in 1886, was the very first book written by Kate Douglas Wiggin, author of many classics, such as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Mother Carey's Chickens. In Carol Bird, critics believe that Miss Wiggin created her most enduring character. For the 1996 Christmas Edition, Lawtons issued the Bird's Christmas Carol. Inspired by Jessie Gillespie's cover illustration, Carol is dressed in a delicately smocked cotton frock trimmed with red ribbons over a red underskirt. Her long blonde ringlets and soft blue eyes set off her delicate complexion. Carol holds three of the books from "Carol's Circulating Library", books from her own collection that she made available to little ones at the Children's Hospital. Carol is all-porcelain and is 14" tall.

VictorianChristmasVictorian Christmas - 1997

Edition of 350

Retail Price $595

Looking like she just stepped out of a German lithograph scrap, Victorian Christmas is a recreation of the traditional Christmas snow angel. Dressed in pristine white velveteen and faux fur, this 12" doll is complete from her kid leather spats, her fur muff and her bonnet to the blue drop-waist dress underneath. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. Victorian Christmas has a porcelain head and hands on a fully articulated spring-jointed wooden body.

YesVirginiaYes, Virginia - 1998

Edition of 350

Retail Price $450

One hundred and one years ago, Virginia O'Hanlon wrote a letter to the New York Sun that elicited Francis P. Church's famous editorial response, "Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus." Our Christmas doll for 1998 celebrates this century old publishing classic. Virginia is dressed in striped dupion silk trimmed with silk organza. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. The editorial is included in her newspaper. Virginia is an all porcelain, 14" doll.

ChristmasThe Christmas Doll - 1999

Edition of 250

Retail Price $895

A wonderful surprise awaits the collector who opens the cover of this book to find an exquisitely detailed 9" wooden-bodied doll tucked inside. With hazel eyes and dark brown curls, our Christmas doll comes dressed in a dropwaist of evergreen silk and cranberry taffeta trimmed with glittery gold.

TrinketsTrinkets and Poppets - 2000

Edition of 175

Retail Price $595.00

Her tray filled with Christmas wares, Trinkets and Poppets celebrates those children who hawked their wares on many a London street. Peddler Dolls have been around for hundreds of years. Lawtons is proud to add our version to this traditional genre.

MusicChristmasThe Music of Christmas - 2001

Edition of 175

Retail Price $595.00

Deep ruby silk over snowy white eyelet brings the warmth of Christmas into your home. The exquisite inlaid wood music box is set with sparkling crystals. The tiny wind-up movement heralds the carols of the season.

DeckthehallsDeck the Halls - 2003

Doll: 14" Porcelain

Edition Limited to 250

There is nothing like bringing in the greens to deck the halls at Christmastime. This young girl approaches the annual ritual with great care. She’s dressed in an exquisite Dickens’ era frock of cranberry taffeta and velvet, and holds a garland of greens decorated with berries and bells. Framed by a matching bonnet, her face mirrors all the wonder of the season.

Dressed in Holiday StyleDressed in Holiday Style - 2005

Doll: 9” all porcelain

Edition limited to 175

Retail Price $695.00

What a treasure to add to your Christmas collection — this young girl dressed in holiday style. Her brown eyes and red mohair curls play against the cranberry of her dress like an old French poster. Her silk dress, copied from the pages of an 1880s fashion magazine, is a work of art in itself. She wears hand-knit stockings.

VisionsofSugarPlumsVisions of Sugarplums - 2007

Doll: 10 5/8” Bleuette-size wooden body

Edition limited to 75

Retail Price $795.00

A Victorian Christmas just wouldn’t be as magical without those visions of sugar plums.

Our young dreamer is dressed in an exquisite Christmas frock of cranberry silk satin trimmed with shimmery silk crinkle in a frosted sugarplum.

She wears a wreath of sugared plums on her head. Her hair is a delicate blonde mohair and her eyes are brown.



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